40 Yard Dumpster Rental

If you aren’t sure if a 40 yard dumpster rental is a right choice for you, call us to receive additional information. 

20 ft long x 8 ft wide x 6 ft tall

Big Dumpster, Big Help: Understanding 40 Yard Roll-Off Dumpsters

Deciding you need a dumpster is one thing, but figuring out which size is right for your job can be tricky. Let’s make it simpler.

So, what’s the deal with those big 40-yard roll-off dumpsters you might need for serious projects? Here’s a breakdown:

Size Matters These dumpsters are huge! They’re about 6 feet tall, 8 feet wide, and 20 feet long. That’s pretty massive! But remember, these dimensions matter not just for how much stuff they can hold, but also whether they’ll fit in your space. Plus, they’re too tall to load from the top by hand, so you’ll need some machinery to help out.

Price Check You might have heard that renting one of these big dumpsters can set you back anywhere from $600 to $1150 on average across the country. But prices can vary, so it’s best to check with us. At Rapid Bin Rentals, we pride ourselves on fair pricing with no hidden fees. Just remember, factors like location, rental duration, and what you’re tossing out can affect the final cost.

Capacity Crunch Why might you need such a massive dumpster? Well, think big projects like home renovations, estate cleanouts, or major landscaping jobs. These dumpsters can hold up to 40 cubic yards of stuff, which is a lot! But keep an eye on weight limits—our dumpsters can handle up to four tons, or about 8818 pounds.

If you fill up your dumpster, don’t worry! Just give us a call, and we’ll swap it out ASAP. Easy peasy!

So, next time you’ve got a big job in Los Angeles or Orange County, keep these big dumpsters in mind. They’re a big help!