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1. What is not allowed on the dumpster? 
All hazardous debris and electronics are not allowed. In the small bins (3, 4 and 6 yards) construction debris (dirt, rocks, concrete, gravel, roofing material) and tree stumps are not allowed. Paint is allowed but should be dried out first. Our representatives can help you find the best way to dispose of your debris and the appropriate size. 
2. How long can I keep the dumpster for?
A 7 day rental it’s included on the base price. If you need more time with the dumpster you can always pay for additional days or ask us if we have any specials for extra days. 
3. Do your dumpsters have lids? 
All of our 3 and 4 bins have lids and wheels, our 6 yards all have lids but some don’t have wheels. Customers on a slope will prefer a 6 yard bin without wheels. 
4. Do your dumpsters have locks on them?
Upon request we accommodate dumpsters with a lock but they don’t come standard with all dumpsters. 
3. What’s the apartment size bin?  
The 3 yard bin is the size you would usually see behind a restaurant or apartment. 
4. Where are you located? 
We have a branch in the San Fernando Valley and Orange County. 

5. Do I need a permit from the city? 
It varies, some cities require a special permit. Please call us and we will be more than happy to assist you to see if you would need to request a permit prior to placing an order.  

6. How many days in advance do I need to schedule the dumpster?
Typically 24 – 48 hours. Same day delivery can be accommodated typically with a rush fee. 
7. Do I need to be on site at drop off time?
You don’t need to be on site as long as the assigned space for the dumpster is cleared. 

8. Do you accept cash? 
All of our payments are processed over the phone; we accept all major debit and credit cards. 

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